Friday, February 10, 2012

Sh*t Poker Players Say

One of the recent memes going around the Interwebs are "Sh*t people say" videos which typically feature quick cuts of folks in different settings throwing out little sayings specific to a certain category. 

I believe it all started with Sh*t Girls Say and now you can find lots of others.  For those in the corporate world, there's Sh*t Project Managers Say.  If you spend a lot of XBox time, then you might be into Sh*t Gamers Say.  Shoot, there's even Sh*t Dogs Say and Sh*t Nobody Says.  So obviously, there needs to be:

Sh*t Poker Players Say


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    1. Thanks grrouchie - sorry it took so long to reply, I missed the comment when it was originally posted.

  2. lmao excellent!!!