Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She's A Cruel Mistress

Typically when I go out and shoot videos I'll try and get them posted roughly in chronological order.  There's typically some lag time involved with the editing  process, so often you're seeing videos a week or so after they were shot.  This one though, was shot immediately after my (rather brief) appearance at the Venetian DSE tournament on Sunday, June 26.  It was a story that was enough worth telling that I wanted to get it posted straight away.

One error in the video to point out is that in the second hand I discussed I referred to the other player flopping a flush, when in actuality it was a flopped set.

One other note I wanted to add in about the video editing is that it is an amazingly time consuming process.  I have the easy job, I yammer into the camera for a few minutes and I'm done.  Mrs. Flops then literally takes hours to edit the videos and try and turn my yammering into something reasonably coherent.  All of the effects, the green screen background, the music and the titles, that all comes from her.  So, if you enjoy these videos, then really send some thanks out to Mrs. Flops.  If it wasn't for her hard work, they wouldn't get done.


  1. So how did the Aria rebound tourney treat you?!?

  2. Sadly, not much better than the DSE. I mean I lasted a lot longer, but ended up busting 12 of 52 so not quite what I would call bubbling. Nothing remarkable, just lost a flip that crippled me. There was actually a funny story after that though. I ended up under the gun with about two and a half big blinds and looked at one card, the king of hearts. That was enough for me and I pushed in without looking at the second card. I got one caller and after the action was complete told him I only looked at one and flipped up the king of hearts. I turned over the other card and was pleasantly surprised to see the king of diamonds. They held which bought me about another five hands. Then I shoved with 55 from late position and it folded to the small blind who just completed the amount of the big blind. The dealer told him that would have to stay in and did he want to call the raise which he did along with the big blind. SB bet a J high flop, the big blind folded and I said, "I think I wish that you had noticed I raised. " He had J7os and said, "yeah I would have folded if I realized that." Now no way to know because BB was probably calling regardless and if he got to see all five cards he might have beat me anyway, but it was just another one of those wierd little things that you come to realize aren't so weird after all.

  3. Wow, rough day. Sounds like you made good decisions ... the cards just didn't go your way.

    Really enjoy your videos, by the way...

  4. Thanks, yeah it was rough to have all of that come at me one right after the other, but you know, sometimes you run really hot for several hands in a row too, so stuff like this is bound to happen.

    Glad you enjoy the videos!

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