Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Plan is Hatched

Here's the thing - it's so easy to start a blog - you go to a site, click a few links and wala' U R a blogger. I think because it's so easy to start a blog many people - myself included - find themselves jumping in to blogging without a plan. Much like deciding to play a hand of no limit hold 'em, failure to have a plan for how to play the hand out can lead to a situation where you have no idea where you are at in the hand blog.

So I did that, I jumped in to blogging here without much of a plan and then I cast about not entirely sure what to blog about beyond of course the fact that I wanted to blog about poker. I think I've got it now though. A lot of the poker blogs I read seem to center around the playing exploits of the author and I was shying away from that because I don't get to play as much as some of they do. I primarily play a couple of times a week, usually Friday evenings and Sunday afternoon or evening, usually that's tournament play. Occasionally I get a couple of hours in during the week, but that's the exception. So I guess I had some concern that I don't play enough to generate enough content posting on that basis. But hey, even if I just get in one post a week I'm doing more content then I am now. So anyway, I plan on getting in at least one post a week even just briefly discussing what happens when I go play. I also realized ('duh) that I can basically send myself notes using twitter (follow me on twitter) and I can use those to remind myself of interesting stories that will hopefully be the source for even more posts. To the extent I'll get those I'll put them up during the week and then lo and behold there should actually be some regular content here. With that in mind, I'll get this posted and then start working on a post about last night's tournament.

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