Saturday, September 19, 2009

Poker Zen

I had a good session last night. It was not good in terms of monetary results, I played in a tournament and didn't cash, then I played a couple of hours of NL and ended up down about $20, so I was down $75 for the night. It was fantastic though in terms of my mental state. I was able to be very "present" throughout the night. I felt like I always knew exactly where I was in hands and I acted accordingly. When things didn't go my way, I didn't get mad or frustrated, I just acted accordingly and moved on to the next hand. Perhaps it was the result of listening to an interview with Tommy Angelo earlier in the day, but I was definitely getting my poker zen on. It was a good feeling, and if I can stay in that mode more at the table I know that will be a big step towards becoming a better player.

edited because when this originally posted only half of the second topic discussion got put up

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  1. Was it the interview on the 2+2 podcast with Tommy Angelo? I like his theories. I think the interview that they did with him last year was better and more in depth around his approach to the game. Howver, I still enjoyed this one. It was interesting to hear him say that he used to be quite a hothead around the table and tilted regularly.