Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worlds Colliding - But Gently

I would imagine that just about anyone reading this blog has wandered over from where I post on the boards. I've had a couple of interesting experiences relating to my posting there. I made some posts about my "local room" the one I live closest to. They have been open about 8 months and quite frankly they've had some struggles getting games going. I'm trying to bang the drum a little on the AVP boards just to get the word out and see if I can get the room active.

Anyway, last weekend, I walked in there to play and the floor pointed me out to one of the dealers. He walked up and introduced himself and asked if I was the one who posted about the room on AVP. I said yes and he thanked me and said it was a nice post. We chatted a bit about some of the board goings on and then it was time for me to play. During the week, I popped into a room near the office and the floor there (who knows I post on AVP) also commented on my post and offered me some thoughts on the situation. Finally, last night I went back into the local room and the room manager greeted me and thanked me for trying to spread the word about the room.

It was kind of wierd for me to have my online activity intersect with the real world like that. It was a nice reminder that the things going out here do reach some people.

Alright, I'm getting food ready for a BBQ later (smoking some tomatos to go in a black bean dish). Perhaps some actual poker content later.

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